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Lixirskin wanted to create a cleanser that does it all, removes make up and detoxes  your skin, because no matter how well you try and shield it from harmful toxins, some will still manage to get in.

ELECTROGEL CLEANSER is a rich cream cleanser with a twist. Interestingly what is bad for the skin generally has a positive electric charge, so they have included a very small negatively charged electrogel in the cleanser, the two attract each other and can be simply rinsed away!

  • What it does

    Dissolves make up, dirt and reaches inside the pores to deep cleanse. The negatively charged Electrogel™ attracts, captures and eliminates positively charged toxins - pollution nanoparticles, heavy metals and free radicals - to give urban skin the ultimate detox.

  • To use

    Apply generously with clean, damp hands to the face (including the eye area), neck and décolleté, massage for a minute, leave on for another minute and rinse with a clean towel mitt.

  • How your skin feels

    What you can and can't see has gone, your skin is truly clean, glows from within and can switch to repair mode.

  • How you feel

    Breathe in Geranium, Sage, Rosemary and  Chamomile whilst cleansing your skin.

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