How To: Valentine's Day Styling

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It’s that time of the year already! And although most of us are glad to see the back of January, this means we’ve now entered February and with that one particular date immediately springs to mind - Valentine’s Day! Love it or hate it, this day is all about love and we urge you to dress well regardless of your plans. You never know what can happen! So, whether you’re having a romantic date or spending your time with your girlfriends, or you simply want to just curl up alone and eat chocolates, you should look good and feel good on the 14th of February.

Dinner Date
Rixo is always our go-to for a fancy occasion! Whether you’ve been dating for years, months or mere weeks - you are bound to blow your other half away if you turn up to dinner in this number. (pictured above - Rixo's Luna Diana dress)

Dinner With Friends
Valentine’s Day is arguably the best night to spend out and about with your mates, you’re bound to bump into singletons everywhere! On this occasion, we recommend Second Female’s ‘Liddy’ dress - dress it up with a heel and statement jewels!

Staying in
Unleash your inner Bridget Jones by curling up on the sofa with a box of chocolates and a glass (or two) of wine! There is no better feeling than getting into your comfy clothes when you’re spending an evening solo - we highly recommend American Vintage’s ‘Vet’ leggings and tee shirt for ultimate comfort.


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Jade Brock