Valentine's Day Gift Guide

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After a long January we are now at the beginning of February and just around the corner from Valentine’s Day. With this year maybe looking a little different for couples who have stayed at home together for months or maybe separated with lockdowns and travel bans, it’s even more important to spend some quality time together and pause for a moment to enjoy the day. Whether you are celebrating in person or over a video call, it is the perfect time to give your partner something special. From simple small gifts to larger items, any gesture will be remembered and appreciated even more than usual this year. Here are some of our favourite items to wish for or gift to your loved one this Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget to use our wishlist feature when picking out your favourite products.

With all the added stress of the lockdowns and staying at home, giving your loved one the gift of self care this year is a wonderful thought. Evolve Beauty has a range of gorgeous products from body polishes and face masks to serums that are the perfect gift for anyone who is in need of some luxury relaxation. Cosmetics are a wonderful gift that you can’t go wrong with and you won’t have to spend a fortune to have a thoughtful way of remembering your partner. 

Of course, the classic way of adding some sparkle to your Valentine’s day gift is jewellery. From earrings to bracelets to necklaces we’ve got a ton of lovely options to choose from. Whether you might want to opt for a classic pair of hoop earrings or an on trend pendant necklace, these pieces are ones that you can keep wearing from year to year. Some of our current favourite brands for jewellery are Anna Beck and Hermina Athens, both of which are full of lovely gold styles to match your outfits from everyday wear to special occasions.


Another all time classic is always a lovely perfume. The tricky thing is that for everyone scents are so different so it can be hard to pick the right one for your partner. Escentric Molecules have taken the guessing game out of the picture when they created the fail-sale Molecule 01. The perfume reacts differently to each wearer’s pheromones, making it the fool proof perfume gift for anyone.  

A new favourite accessory is also always a great idea for a gift. You could opt for the new Golden Goose version of the Star bag that is a bum bag style in a sleek black, or go for a colourful Mai Tai bag from Sous Les Paves. See all of our bag options here!


Another safe option if you are looking for that cosy gift for the cold winter months is knitwear. From a cosy cardigan to a colourful jumper, this simple gift is perfect for anyone. We have a got such a great selection of knitwear with a wide price range depending on the brand from Selected Femme to Bellerose to 360 Cashmere and Isabel Marant Etoile. Something for everyone!


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