Style Notes: Old Fashion Rules to Ditch Now

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Rules are made to be broken, right? Absolutely, we cry! And although the classic, definitive elements of fashion will never go out of style, gone are the days that you must adhere to outdated style rules. We’ve summed up a few of our obsolete fashion rules we intend to ditch now…

You mustn’t wear navy with black
Most of us gravitate towards a favourite shade that we buy over and over again in various iterations, but sometimes you just cannot beat a trusty all-black ensemble. Some of the most elegant colour combos happen when cool colours come together, so enough of this rule against navy and black pairing! Mix wool and cotton with velvet, silk and suede. The point is that if it’s all in a similar colour then the fabrics will play very nicely together.

You mustn’t clash prints or metals
Erm, what? There is literally nothing more trendy right now than to clash prints - just look at the likes of Rixo, Primrose Park, Peter Pilotto and Temperley London (to name a few). This outdated rule needs to be utterly erased from your mind! And as for your jewellery, you'll find the combination of metals will only add magpie appeal to your get-up. Today, more is more, bolder is better - and frankly, far more fun to wear.

Your bag and shoes must match
Although we believe you shouldn’t entirely disregard the allure of a matching set, it is absolutely not obligatory! If it is totally daunting to you, try to introduce different shades of the same colour, ranging from very pale to bright - such a flattering and stylish look! Or go all out and team chunky trainers with a silver cross-body bag, or white mules with a basket bag - the rules now are, there are no rules!

You must wear heels to “dress up”
It has now become so stylish to wear smart footwear that doesn’t have to kill your feet and leave you hobbling home at the end of the night - enter the humble flat, perfect for a fresh take on formal dressing. We’re not saying pack up your heels forever, quite the opposite! Just make sure that on your next formal event, your choice of footwear is purely based on styling and NOT on the premise that heels are the only form of smart shoe.

Jade Brock