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Since the ‘60s, the rules of jewellery have been consistently challenged, with modern designers pushing the boundaries to redefine its classic connotations of glamour, wealth and hierarchy. Jewellery is, nowadays, a state of expression, empowerment and emotion.

Soru, a Sicilian word translating to ‘Sisters’, was established by British-Sicilian sisters Francesca and Marianna. Having been inspired by the way in which Sicilian women adorn themselves with jewellery for every occasion and their mutual passion for precious stones. The duo create covetable collections of handmade pieces which have their own unique natural energy and meaning. We caught up with Francesca and Marianna on style inspiration and what's next for Soru...

Pearl hoop cluster earring Soru

What are your biggest inspirations?

Marianna: We are inspired by so many different things - nature plays a large part though, hence our love of all things celestial and nautical - seashells and pearls are our inspiration for SS19 collection.

Francesca: Italy is a big inspiration for me; the love for life, the joy of fashion and style that plays a big part in Italian lifestyle, everything is so 'colourful' and we love to express that in the jewellery.

How do you want women to feel when wearing your jewellery?

M: When a woman wears a piece of our jewellery I want her to feel confident and happy, like she is wearing something beautifully made and very special.

F: Happy; you can change the whole look of an outfit with the right piece of jewellery and I love that the size/style/height of the woman doesn't matter, when you put a piece of fabulous jewellery on, everyone can enjoy that feeling.

What would you say is your top pick from your latest collection?

M: The pink agate star earrings and the sun earrings are my personal favourites at the moment, and have already had a lot of use since the sunshine appeared!

F: I’m loving the mega hoops right now, I have a soft spot for that luxe bohemian feel.

Pink agate star earrings mega hoops soru

How would you advise styling your jewellery?

M: Our jewellery can be worn in so many different ways, personally I like to layer it on, although if I am wearing very large earrings I will keep the neckline clear. For bracelets there is no limit! I like to jingle around. Some of our statement pieces do look great alone with no other distractions. 

What can we expect to see from you next season?

M: For AW18 we will continue to use pearls a lot as they are huge on  the winter catwalks and suit everyone. You will also see some dark red and blue agates. Statement earrings are still on trend- but also bringing in some statement necklaces for the new season.

F: We have expanded on our celestial range which I'm really excited to share with you and have a great mix of statement as well as a few more subtle styles coming very soon.


Amy Carter