New Year, New Wardrobe

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With the new year a lot of us are craving a new beginning in many ways. For many it might be taking on healthier lifestyles, new experiences and better habits. With a new beginning there is also an opportunity to clear out any of the old things that we no longer need and start fresh. Clearing out your closet might seem like a daunting task, but with a bit of planning it can be a bit easier to know what items to keep and what to get rid of. This is a great way to feel refreshed and like you are ready to take on the new year. By donating the clothes you no longer need or even selling them you are also contributing to the rising trend of second hand clothing, which is a great way to stay sustainable.

With all of us having to slow down last year and for the foreseeable future, the way we dress has also changed, which is something we can take with us even when the world goes back to normal. Shopping less but shopping smarter and buying quality clothes is something that we should all do by carefully considering each purchase and buying timeless pieces that we can wear for years to come. We have gathered a few essential wardrobe building blocks that everyone should invest in, and that you can style in many different ways to make sure you get as much use out of the items in your wardrobe as possible.

The basic white tee

Even though it is the most simple style there is, the white tee is so versatile that it cannot be ignored. There are many different fits that you can choose from depending on your preference from an oversized boxy fit to a slim fit tee that goes with anything. The great thing about the white tee is that it truly is like a blank canvas, the base for any outfit. From wearing it casually with some joggers and trainers to dressing it up with some high waisted trousers and a blazer and ankle boots, you can truly style it for any occasion.

The perfect jeans

Everyone should own a good pair of jeans. When you find the fit and style that works for you, you can get it in different colours and washes to make sure you are always comfortable and look your best in your denim looks. From skinny jeans to straight legged mom jeans to flared styles there are again so many options to choose from. Depending on your personal preference you can opt for a high waisted option or be a bit more daring with a retro low cut style. A good pair of jeans will last you for years and are truly an investment. Your favourite jeans can be styled from casual knitted looks to more dressed up occasions with a change of your top of choice and some added accessories.

A timeless knit

A good quality knit that can be styled in different ways is an absolute must have item in anyone’s closet. Opt for a timeless knit that won’t go out of style, such as a cashmere knit that will last you for years. A jumper is not only an easy piece to throw on with different outfits, but it’s also a great layering piece to make your summer outfits more winter appropriate to keep wearing your favourite items all year round. Neutral colours or a classic black or navy jumper are good choices if you want to make sure you get the most wear out of them with different colours.

Simple white trainers

White trainers are the one style that has been on trend for years and it doesn’t look like it will ever go away. Investing in a quality pair of trainers will always be worth it as they will go with almost any outfit and will keep you comfortable during busy days of running around in style. Even though a white trainer can be very basic, there are still many options to choose from. Whether it is a classic white leather trainer, a more sporty running shoe or even one that has some detail like a pop of colour or sparkle, a white trainer is great for styling any outfit from your favourite summer dress to jeans to tailored trousers.


A quality coat

In the winter months your coat is usually the first part of your outfit that people see. A great coat can absolutely transform even the simplest outfits. Whether you are a fan of the classic wool coats, the trendy shackets or a casual puffer, you can change up your style so much by just switching up your outerwear. The great thing about coats is that you can wear anything from a simple jeans and hoodie combo to even your loungewear and throw on a structured wool coat and instantly make the outfit more polished.

A dress you love

We should all have that one dress, or two, in our wardrobe that we can pull out and instantly feel confident in. From a summery printed maxi dress to a simpler minimalistic style, having a dress that you feel great in is good to have for those days when you don’t want to have to think about matching your clothes together for an outfit. The best thing about a dress is that you can just throw it on and you have an instant outfit that looks put together. Dresses are also the most versatile clothing items that we own as they can be so simply styled up or down by just switching up our shoes from a trainer to a heeled boot or by layering on a sweatshirt and switching it up for a blazer for an easy change from a day to night look.

Anna Park