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Join the Preloved Loyalty Scheme and start earning credit! It's that easy....


We are launching our Pre-loved Loyalty Scheme…it’s a unique way to recycle your old favourite Anna items and refresh your wardrobe….

I felt that the time was right to give you the chance to bring some ANNA pieces back to us in exchange for credit, the greatest loyalty scheme….Also the real bonus is no waiting for your money and even better if your items don’t sell with us…we still keep them!


How it works

The pre-loved event will be announced on all our social media platforms and if you are a VIP client you will be notified ahead via text or email.

Collect between 5 and 10 items that you no longer wear and that you really don’t think you’ll ever wear again, be realistic and ruthless, remember if you will NEVER wear these items again then whatever you get for them is a BONUS.

Then bring them to the store holding the event and we will value them and give you a voucher for the amount on the spot for you to either use instantly or save until a later date. It’s up to you when you use this voucher, its credit for you and will remain on your account until it is spent…


We will also hold Pre-loved BUY events in stores for you to come along to.  One person’s rags are another person’s glad rags!  These events will also be announced via social media so keep a look out for these special days….


Our First Event at our Burnham Market store

Our first event will be on Wednesday 13th April 2022 between 11am and 3(ish)pm at our Burnham Market store.  Pop along with around 5 garments that you REALLY no longer want or wear and I'll check them out and give you credit for them ON THE SPOT and take them off your hands….remember all garments must be clean and in resalable condition.

Look forward to seeing you Wednesday!

Terms & Conditions


There are only a few requirements, clothes must be at least 1 year old and originally bought from ANNA or similar,  in good condition, clean and hole free!

Remember we will price to sell so be realistic about value expectations.

Anna Park