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Indian based label, Banjanan, produces covetable collections season after season featuring adventurous prints and whimsical designs to appeal to the inner nomad. Founder, Caroline Weller has an innate sense of what both looks and feels good on the female form and dreams her designs will transport the wearer to the destination from which she drew her inspiration. We caught up with Caroline to get a few of her insights on her brand...

What are your biggest inspirations? I'm always inspired by my surroundings - particularly nature. Birds and flowers are a constant inspiration of mine.

How do you want women to feel when wearing your clothes? Totally themselves, and ready for an adventure!

What would you say is your favourite piece from your latest collection? The Isha dress! It seems to flatter everybody, and I often layer a tuxedo jacket over the top - as well as boots depending on the weather and occasion!

What staples make up the basis of your own wardrobe? I always have a couple of my dresses, a blazer definitely, a light sweated to layer just in case and comfortable shoes! I also like to accessorize my looks - so I'll add a belt on top of a dress and some really fun earrings, too!

What's your top piece of styling advice? BE BOLD, but also it's important to be comfortable!

What do you have planned for the future? We are expanding our home line, we started with table linen and so we're expanding that! We've also just launched a kids collection, too. Oh and also an inspiration trip to Uzbekistan!




Jade Brock