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With every trainer to suit your mood here at ANNA, we often find ourselves struggling to decide which ones we really want (if not all of them). There is no better feeling than slipping on a fresh pair of kicks, and these days they can be just as chic and feel just as dressy as your trusty mules or even a heel. Also, it must be said, on a practical level, these shoes have some considerable advantages - you’ll be dancing the day and night away!

A shoe which makes you instantly taller, makes your legs look longer and is super comfy?! Sign us up! Not only this, but Selected Femme’s Balenciaga-inspired ‘Gavina’ trainers also make you walk with purpose and improved posture. If you ask us, they are the modern answer to the heel: power-infusing and head-turning but without the associated discomfort.

If you want instant chicness without having to think about it too much, then Golden Goose is your one-stop shop! Their sneakers are treated with a hand-brushed distressed effect, giving them a love-worn appearance where no two trainers are the same - so in other words, it is basically like wearing a work of art on your feet.

McQueens without the price tag! Loreak's playfully dubbed 'Dad' sneakers are one of the biggest trends this season - and they're certainly not going anywhere any time soon. The exaggerated soles are designed to elongate your legs, where the padded insoles are there to provide you ultra comfort - you won't want to take them off! 




Jade Brock