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Throughout lockdown experts have been telling us that keeping up with a routine every day makes a big difference in our mood while staying at home. This can mean different things for different people. Whether you’re the kind of person to wake up in the morning and go for a long walk or a run, or if you like to take it easy and make a nice breakfast while watching morning TV, it’s important to keep getting dressed up even if you are working from home and not seeing anyone else all day. For a lot of people this third lockdown has been the hardest and not having an end date has not been making it any easier. However, there are simple ways to boost your mood every single day. With the weather being cold, rainy and incredibly grey for days on end it’s important to make your life more vivid by wearing bright colours. Whether it’s a gorgeous colourful jumper, a beautiful jumpsuit or a printed dress, the right garment can instantly make your day brighter.


After a few very cold long weeks, we look forward and try to stay positive. With the seasons starting to change our wardrobe is also shifting towards our summer clothing. Even though a lot of us might still be reaching for those simple neutrals, now is a good time to find the pieces that not only fit the new changing weather but also make your day a little bit happier. From beautiful Munthe and Rixo prints to Jumper 1234 neon cashmere knits and Isabel Marant trendy pastel jackets, as silly as it might seem, wearing the right clothes might make or break the day. By wearing something that gives you joy and boosts your happiness and confidence levels, your day can be infinitely better and more productive. Even if you change out of your pyjamas and go straight in for your favourite loungewear, make sure that loungewear has a pop of colour to bring a bit of a glow into the gloomiest of days.



When we are planning for a big meeting or prepping for a job interview, one of the big things we like to think about is our outfit to look our best for the meeting. Even though half of your outfit might not show on the zoom camera, the way the right outfit makes you feel is the most important thing. Your happiness, confidence and radiance shines through even a computer camera and choosing a bold colour for your daily outfit can make a huge difference. From a beautiful pastel jumpsuit to a fun printed dress, when you feel your best and brightest, it will show to the people around you.


The smallest things make a difference in the current situation we are all living in. So we need to make the most of it. The weather might still be a bit chilly and rainy, but that does not need to stop us from wearing our lightest and brightest styles at home to bring the summer to us inside. One of the best things about the weather getting warmer is that we can now pull out our favourite dresses and layer them up with a cute knit or jacket to stay warm on our daily walks or just style them in the comfort of our homes to dance around and dream of sunny days.

Munthe’s new collection is filled with gorgeous printed boho style dresses and tops that are made for staying at home in style and guaranteed to bring a smile to your face as soon as you put them on. The loose fitting silhouettes are also guaranteed to keep you comfortable on your zoom call with the team or on your daily run to the shop.


Keep things simple with a confident red jumper from Bellerose, that is soft to wear but will make a statement to the world (or just yourself) that you are feeling positive and ready to take on the day. The simplest little choices we make right now are important in our overall mood, and who knows, the fun pink cardigan or tie dye jeans you choose to put on in the morning can make the biggest difference to get you through the day. 


Anna Park