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Watch out, there’s a new brand on the block... Introducing Chimi Eyewear to our mix, the Stockholm based label has got us craving the sun to show off our killer shades.

Putting on a new pair of sunglasses is a simple way to completely transform your look - just like a new hairstyle, a fresh pair of shades can make you feel like a new person. Charlie Lindström and childhood friend Daniel Djurdjevic established Chimi Eyewear together with this idea in mind - and to allow anyone to express themselves.

Chimi Eyewear mango 002

With an eclectic range of colours and shapes, Chimi has a pair to suit every mood. Feeling funky, why not try their Mango pair? Yellow can signify danger to some, but to others it’s the colour of happiness - one thing for sure is you won’t go unnoticed. You can’t please everyone all the time, but it would be harder to care when you feel like you’re living your life through an Instagram filter.

Chimi Eyewear peach 006

Keep it fruity and flirty with their peach cat eye shades. Peach signifies a colour of decadence and nostalgia; think peaches and cream, candy, milkshakes and all things sweet. The neutral, warm tones allow a perfect pairing to any outfit - the perfect juxtaposition of feminine, soft and making a statement.

Berry 006 Chimi eyewear

They say that trends are recycled every 20 years and right now we're having a '90s renaissance. A fresh take on the feline shape of old Hollywood glamour, Chimi’s berry cat eye shades are almost futuristic. Back in ‘99, Julia Roberts was wearing similar sunnies with a black beret as Anna Scott in ‘Notting Hill’. Now, designers from Balenciaga to Fendi have styled models with the angular specs. Coco Chanel once said that the beauty of black is absolute, so you know what to do...


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