COOK WITH ANNA: Toasted Bread Brazilian Style!

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Toasted bread Brazilian style!
This is my take on simple lunch using simple ingredients…..add of take away as you like but I loaded mine!
2 ripe tomatoes or about 8 cherry toms
Half an onion
1 garlic clove peeled
s&P. Pinch of chilli flakes(optional)
Olive oil
Place all ingredients in a blender/small magi mix and blend together using the pulse so you control it to keep some texture!
I used a fresh small loaf and sliced into two think slices but you can use any bread you fancy.
Take your two toasted slices and drizzle with Olive oil top with your prepared salsa, burrata and ham.  Pick some fresh sweet basil leaves and dot as you like!
Eat and Enjoy!  
Anna Park