Enamel Copenhagen

"Our purpose is to create joy through beautiful design"

ENAMEL embraces the playful and simple expression to the more extravagant look. The expression can be individualised by mixing and matching with several pieces of jewellery. You decide what feels right for yourself and gives you joy. ENAMEL combines the colourful, playful, and the elegant which gives the jewellery a completely unique look. All the jewellery are made of 18 carat gold-plated sterling silver and produced by carefully selected suppliers. It is their wish that everyone should have the opportunity to wear their jewellery and experience these as a part of the joys of life, celebrations, and memories.

ENAMEL Copenhagen is a Danish jewellery brand founded in 2012 by designer Marie Rantzau. Marie´s love for jewellery started when she travelled around the world and found unique jewellery materials of which she designed the first collections. Marie believes that colours create joy, and these are always an element of ENAMELS universe.

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