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If there is one thing that we learnt from this London Fashion Week, it’s that the world of fashion is now changing faster than ever. Now more than ever, sustainability and a conscious carbon-footprint is at the forefront of the leading brands’ ethe. As LFW came to a close two days ago, we wrap up our thoughts surrounding this week…

Extinction Rebellion led the manifestation last week, theatrically dressed in red robes accompanied by two coffins which read ‘RIP LFW 1983-2019’ and ‘Our Future’ respectively. Their demonstration led to The Strand, where plenty of fashion shows took place. Calling on change, it was a cry for leading fashion houses to “have the courage and the strength to change everything it does” (Safia Minney, founder of Fair Trade clothing company People Tree).

With the commencement of the Global Climate Strike all around the world today, most of us are forced to face the reality of what is happening to our Mother Earth. The world of fashion is ever-changing, and the growth of becoming more sustainable and eco-conscious is a higher priority than ever before. We know we, as a company, are not perfect and we will never claim to be; however, we must enforce now how important it is to shop smartly and independently.

As we strive towards a wholly sustainable future (we know there is a long way to go but the dream is still strong), we wanted to shout out to our brands and their top, high-quality, fashion-forward pieces which are kicking off the change…

Leon & Harper's 'Prosper' trousers, crafted from a recycled wool-blend.

Selected Femme's Abigail dress, crafted from eco-responsible viscose.

Stine Goya put ethical trading and sustainable sourcing at the heart of how they work

Leon & Harper's Shasha sweatshirt, crafted from organic cotton.

Jumper 1234's cosy cashmere knits are naturally sustainable.

Jade Brock