Keeping Positive

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As we begin to settle into our self-isolating rituals, it’s no exaggeration to say that the past couple of weeks have been a massive challenge. Adjusting our schedules to work from home, to spend time apart from our loved ones, or even to stop working all together; we know it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and trapped. To alleviate this feeling, we round up some of our less conventional (but perhaps more fun) ideas of ways to lift your spirits while staying at home...

Daily Walks
Although we are self-isolating, it is still important to get a bit of daily fresh air where you can. We have been enjoying the lovely Spring weather by taking walks, whether it be with the dog or alone, a bit of fresh air can completely change your mood for the better.

There’s no better way to lift your spirits than to be silly with your loved ones - and dancing around the house is a great way to forget about what’s happening and have some fun. Whether it’s busting your best moves or laughing at your dad’s cringey ones, it’s a great mood-booster.

Family Portraits
Whether you’re self-isolating alone or with loved ones, drawing or painting each other is a great way to boost your mood and brush up on your artistic skills (pardon the pun). After finishing, get each family member to judge them out of ten and set up a prize for the winner!

The Class by Taryn Toomey
One of Anna’s go-to Apps for keeping her positive is The Class by Taryn Toomey. With guided instruction and powerful music, The Class invites students to witness their resistance to discomfort. The result is an expansive, heart-clearing and body-strengthening release. Plus, they have now extended their free trial period to 14 days!

Tidy Your Home
I know it’s cliche, but honestly a tidy space will in turn cleanse your mind and leave you feeling more zen. It’s hard to disassociate cleaning the house with doing chores (which no one likes!), but honestly once you’re done the work is worth the reward.


Although things work differently for everyone, an important lesson we can take away from this time of incredible worry is being able to embrace comfort, stay connected, enjoy nature and breathe deeply.

Jade Brock