Brighten Up Your Winter

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With the darkest and coldest days hopefully behind us, the start of February brings a bit of brightness and hope that the winter will soon be over. What a lot of people have found to be key in surviving the lockdown life is keeping up with a routine, even if it is just changing from our pyjamas to our favourite loungewear in the mornings before moving from the bed to our makeshift home offices. Even though most of us are still staying at home everyday, an easy way to brighten up your everyday winter outfits is adding a bit of colour to your wardrobe. Whether it is throwing on a printed floral dress or a fun neon knit, wearing your brightness on your sleeve can only have an uplifting effect on your day.

When we get hit with the greyest of days and feel like we haven’t seen proper sunlight in weeks, the best way to feel better is to bring on the brightness at home. Do what brings you joy and dress in ways that make you feel most like yourself. Then make yourself cosy with some candles or a fire in the fireplace and snuggle up with a cup tea when doing your work. Or when you’re in need of some extra energy, try a yoga practice or dance around your living room to your favourite song. Right now it’s the little things that make all the difference in our daily lives.

Rixo has been one of our favourite brands for a long time now when we are in need of that perfect colourful dress or a fun printed top. From vintage looking silhouettes and feminine prints, their new collection is filled with gorgeous styles to fulfill all your summer outfit dreams. The best thing about a lot of their styles is that they will bring light to any day. Even though a lot of their items can be very summery, they are easy to layer with. Pop on a pair of warm boots and your favourite winter knit and you can keep wearing these vivid styles all year round.

Jumper 1234 is one of our go to brands for cashmere jumpers, but also for extra brightness in their neon prints and colourful styles. Their new collection is filled with neon leopard prints and multicoloured striped knits that you can't go wrong with when adding them to an outfit. Style yours with a printed skirt or just throw it on with your favourite loungewear bottoms for colourful comfort.


With walks being the most popular option to get some fresh air, exercise and to socialise outside of the house, these are also what most of us get dressed up for in our daily routines. From wearing that perfect new jacket to sporting a new pair of trainers, these are also a great way to spice up your winter wardrobe. Isabel Marant Etoile is continuing on their amazing coats with the very on trend shacket styles. You can’t go wrong with any outfit when you top it off with this coat. Style it with another on trend piece, a tie dye hoodie, for extra flair and colour.

With trainers, the Veja trainers can bring you joy and peace knowing that you are buying a trainer that is made sustainably and consciously. From pop of pink and orange to more subtle looks, these are perfect for perking up your days. Or if you are looking for a more daring option, Golden Goose trainers will always be the perfect choice with their glitter, animal print and neon colours.


We hope you all find joy in the little things of this winter lockdown, whether it is that extra step in your skincare routine or an extra pep in your step when walking out in your new trainers. Self care in whatever form you practice it, is the most important step in brightening your winter days.

Anna Park