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Both mindfulness and sustainability are at the forefront of the Banjanan’s ethos. Based in Jaipur, India, Caroline Weller and her local team are dedicated to supporting and sustaining local textile community. Everybody Caroline works with lives within ten minutes from her home. With skilled artisan craftsman in India as partners, every piece in the collection draws on the artisan’s unique expertise and generations of experience, making every piece unique and exquisitely special.

Caroline’s passion to create a collection which showcased the skill and resources of local India was ignited when she visited a vintage store local to her in India. Now, her inspiration stems from anywhere and everywhere. Being a keen traveler, she noted that there isn’t a place that she wouldn’t visit at least once and loves to explore and discover new crafts and stores. Derived from the Hindi 'Banjaran' meaning “bohemian, nomad, wanderer, traveler, roamer”, this is how she dreams her designs will make you feel: as though you’ve been transported to somewhere fascinating and exuberant.

What really makes Banjanan special is both the meticulous attention to detail and their conscious effort to reduce material waste and carbon footprint. Each piece is handcrafted and the fabrics sourced locally for printing and embroidery, leading to a much shorter supply chain and carbon footprint. Caroline loves to work with silk as she loves the way it takes to colour and flows beautiful on the figure. A close second being a super soft cotton which she assures just gets softer the more you wear and wash it. Her pieces are intended to be shown off, and why wouldn’t you want to show these off?! We’re totally and utterly head over heels.




Jade Brock