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Staying healthy, positive, social and fit seems a lot to balance while we being forced to stay at home - how is it possible to manage all? We caught up with Anna to find out how she’s making it work at home, from keeping a daily routine to staying social with loved ones...

Anna wears Rabens Saloner Lizetta dress

"I think a daily routine has kept me sane! I get up at the usual time at 6.45, I don't set an alarm. I think my body is so used to rising at that time it just knows! At the moment I'm doing an isolation check 3 or 4 times a week - I ride my bike around the village checking that there are no emergency cards in anyone’s windows!"

"Richard and I have an Açai bowl with GreatGranola ( every morning at about 10 when I've completed my chores and run/swim. Jack is already shut away in his home office, so I slip him an Açai smoothie."

"I go into the ANNA shop in Burnham Market each day, to do the web orders, change the window (weekly) and spend at least 2 hours making phone calls and responding to emails.

Lunch is with both Jack and Richard and is usually something fishy from Gurneys (, then Richard potters off for his daily walk and I go back into the village or down to the sea… I love being on the water, I have all my best thoughts when I’m by the sea."

"I usually go for a run in the morning, my route is pretty much the same as it has been for about 6 years! I run through most of the Burnhams stopping off at Burnham Overy Staithe for a swim if the weather is favourable."  (

"I also do The Class with Taryn Toomey - I found this class in NYC a few years ago and do it every time I’m in the states. They don't have a studio here, but because of the lockdown they have made all their classes digital which means I can do it at home now! Check it out, it's a moving meditation with cardio and yoga - I love it!" (

Anna wears Michael Stars Reece top with Isabel Marant Etoile shorts

"Actually I’m a really positive person anyway so being in lockdown in North Norfolk when the weather is perfect, it's really easy to be in a good mood! I find Monday mornings hard though, opening emails from angry people is hard but if I feel grumpy at all I find doing The Class lifts my mood immediately. I also read a lot and this helps clear my head..."

"Also, in the evening I put on my pjs and we relax in the TV room and watch our new addiction La Casa del Papa (Money Heist). It's brilliant but I don’t recommend the dubbed version - I urge you to watch the subtitles, you totally get into the characters." 

Anna wears Isabel Marant Etoile tee with DL1961 Premium Denim

"I love cooking so we tend to have lots of experimental suppers! We eat so much fish because we literally have The Best Fish Shop in the World right on our doorstep - GURNEYS ( Lobster Spaghetti is always a fav!"

Lobster Spaghetti from Gurney's Fish Shop

"My skin routine is always the same, I use Dr. Dennis Gross products ( I exfoliate my face 3 times a week with the pads and use a serum at night with a night cream and the moisturiser for the day, I always wear a cream with a sun factor. I moisturise my body with Augustinus Bader." 

Dr Dennis Gross products available at

"I don't wear make-up at all currently, so my face is taking a well deserved breather and it definitely looks better! I also drink Wunder Golden Glow powder mixed in with my Acai in the morning."

Anna's daily sun factor cream (left) and Augustinus Bader daily moisturiser (right) 

"We use Kahoot! for Friday family quiz night! It’s great fun, we connect with Jonny and Simi in London and Mili in Cheshire..."

Anna wears Bella Dahl dress

"I also love just chatting to friends on loud-speaker, sometimes FaceTime too as it's really nice to see girlfriends - I show them how my garden is developing! I don't like doing group chat as I find I'd rather focus on one friend at a time. I do miss hugging my girlie friends! I also really miss my ANNA girls, you forget how close you are to colleagues when you're not together..." 



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